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Praise for Karen Gillece’s Longshore Drift

      “In her second novel, Longshore Drift, Karen Gillece continues her examination of the power the past can hold over the present, particularly in the realm of love and loss, which she began in her stylish debut, Seven Nights In Zaragoza… Longshore Drift is at heart a moving portrayal of despair in a variety of all too human guises… It bears evidence that this is a talented author expanding her range and reach.”
Irish Examiner

       “Although a love story, Longshore Drift moves along with the same pace, the same urgency, as a thriller… This second novel confirms the promise of Gillece’s debut – she is no one hit wonder. She is improving with time and for once the publisher’s prediction that readers will ‘anxiously await the next offering’ doesn’t ring hollow.”
Irish Independent

       “Longshore Drift is a glorious read, confirming Gillece as a fine literary writer. Gillece is skilful at showing the intricacies of relationships that have gone wrong. And her eye for a character’s foibles makes them all utterly believable… I simply adored this novel, and was immersed in it, totally, from the start until the final pages. I loved the way the author moves seamlessly from the first person, to the third – and I was intrigued with all her flawed, yet fascinating characters. They stayed in my mind long after I had finished reading.”
Books Ireland

       “A rollercoaster story that is so difficult to put down.”
Galway Now